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Monday, August 8

The First Entry

I'm not much of a blogger. Actually, I'm not one at all. But I figured this would be a good way of letting anyone interested know what I'm up to when I'm over in Rome.

As of right now, I still have to buy my plane ticket, get the visa (at least I now have the letter explaining why I should be allowed to be in Italy for a year), and purchase health insurance for while I'm over there. My friend Monty probably will be going to Rome for the same program so I'm waiting to buy the plane ticket so we can fly together. If he doesn't get in, it could be a long, boring flight. Is there a "Learn Italian in 14 hours while flying to the country" CD set?

Actually, I have CDs and a book from the library and when I was housesitting, I was doing really well with the studying. Since moving back home, I've been less disciplined. As much as I hate to admit it, I've been partly sucked in by the TV and computer. That, and trying to organize/clean my bedroom since moving back into my parents' home. My room was taken over by my family when I moved out a year ago (think treadmill, exercise bike, fooseball table, etc.) so there is a lot less space for my possessions, even after donating items to charity and recycling tons of school paper. Oh well. Soon I'll be finding a way to transport 9 months worth of living supplies in a suitcase and backpacking pack. Talk about simplification.

For not being a blogger, I sure have written a lot. It must be because I have a topic to write about that I'm excited about. Stay tuned for future progress towards my trip.

To my sponsors, thanks so much for supporting me in this endeavor. We're not related so there is no familial expectation for you to open your pocketbooks for my program, and yet you still do. That is amazing to me and humbling for me all at the same time. Thank you.


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