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Saturday, September 10

17 Days till Departure

I leave in 17 days for Rome. It's exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Exciting because a whole new world awaits me in Rome, filled with people to meet, cultures to experience, a language to learn. Not to mention the most important thing, a vibrant Catholic community where my faith can deepen and grow in ways I can only dream of. It is sure to be a transformative year and that is exciting.

The nerve-wracking part comes with the newness of this experience. I've never been to Europe, needed to get a visa, tried to pack 10 months worth of clothing into two checked bags, been away from my family that long. It's interesting because I've never had a problem taking off in the summers for 3 months at a time and leaving the family behind. But this time it's a long time, close to 300 days. No holidays together, birthdays, a family wedding. I guess with my dad getting sick last year I've come to appreciate my family more and the fact that something could happen and they could be taken from me while I'm off cavorting around the world. So there will be sadness, but I'm sure the excitement of being in Europe will cover that soon enough.

As far as stepping into the unknown is concerned, while it can be nerve-wracking tracking all the details and paperwork, that is what I live for. To do new things, to test oneself by getting out of the comfort zone. That is where life is lived and the greatest growth gained. So I look forward to it.

On the practical note of what I'm up to, my visa application is in but there could be problem with getting a study visa when I'm supposed to get a religious activities visa. The American based consulates aren't very cooperative from what I'm hearing. I'm still raising money slowly. Financial matters always bring about stress and I'm trying somewhat unsuccessfully not to worry about it. I know God will provide. Sometimes it just takes longer than we plan on. I'm going to start packing things today, seeing how much space various items will take up. And in a few days I'll start up cleaning the garage again so there is room for the stuff I'm leaving behind. So much to do in 17 days!


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  • At 4:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Heather....loved the blog. I am Sally Simonson's sister. How did you end up with this year of "Getting to Know My Faith from the Inside Out?" My daughter spent two years with the Celecian Volunteer Corp and went on the U of Santa Clara to complete a MA in Pastorial Ministery. Patty Boss Lawrence


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