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Thursday, January 19

Leaving for Ireland

Hi everyone. I still need to write about the last part of my trip and what Christmas was like here (let me just say it was AMAZING!) and what it was like to return to the Domus Aurelia. Unfortunately, I don't have time to get to that becuase we leave tomorrow for Ireland for a 10 day mission. So I write to ask for prayers. We got the schedule yesterday and it will be an intense 10 days, going full steam the entire time. So the 19 of us and our 4 staff members and all the parishioners in Newbridge, Ireland, could use your prayers.

We'll be spending a lot of time in classes in Catholic schools, giving testimonies, performing skits, and leading discussions. You'd think this would be easy, Catholic schools and all, but from what we've been hearing, most of the kids don't know anything about the Catholic Church or God. So it could be a challenge. Besides schools, we will spend time in pubs, people's homes, a shopping center, and in the street going door-to-door. Please pray for us. Thanks!


  • At 7:50 AM, Blogger The Michael said…

    Hello Heather:

    My prayers are yours!
    Have fun or else!

    The Michael


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