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Saturday, February 4

Christmas Photos

I realized that I didn't say much about Christmas yet. It was amazing. Midnight Mass at St. Peter's sitting behind the altar, many celebrations with good food (courtesy of me and the rest of the cooking team plus some helpers), every Christmas liturgy (there are 4 of them: 8 pm Sat., Midnight, 6 am Sunday, and 10 am Sunday), and more. Since I don't have Newbridge pictures yet, I thought I would appease you with some from Christmas. Hope you like them.
Making Christmas cookies a week before Christmas. We made American, French, German and Polish sweets. I'm improvising with a bar of white chocolate because I didn't find any chips around. Italy can be a difficult place to find the necessary ingredients.

Goofing around at Centro San Lorenzo during our Christmas Eve celebration. There were about 50 of us total who came together for the Vigil Mass and a party. We sang Christmas songs in our native languages and had a great time.

I wasn't quite this close to the Pope at the end of Midnight Mass, but my friends Carole and Alejandra were because they got to read at the Mass. I got a good shot of him on my video camera. The whole time I was at Mass, I just kept thinking, "Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be at Midnight Mass at the Vatican." And I could really concentrate when I was praying too, so that was good.

Imagine this: 2-3:30 am, Christmas Day. We come back from Mass and have cookies and hot chocolate. People start playing guitar and singing songs. Others sit around and tell stories. I later call home and am up until 4 am. The Sunrise Mass in the hotel is in 2 1/2 hours. I was a zombie through most of it.

Making Christmas dinner. Chicken parmiggiano, pasta, and more. Yum, yum. I was ready to get out of the kitchen, though, after preparing meals for 30 people for 3 days.

A Christmas skit during our night celebration, featuring Ramzi as a modern Angel Gabriel. He got to drive a Ferrari and talk to God the Father (a take on the Godfather because the mafia has been a reoccuring theme in some of our skits).

Even Santa made an apperance. That's Reggie from San Diego in the suit and Chris from NY as his sidekick.


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