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Thursday, March 16

Short Update

I've been bad about writing lately and I'm going to be bad for a little bit longer because I only have 7 minutes until class starts. This weekend I'll try to get around to the blog, add some pictures, things like that.
Some updates on what I last wrote. I decided not to go to Camp Gray. It's difficult to explain why because even I don't understand it all the way, but in the end it came down to the fact that I was struggling so much with the decision and every time I thought about going, I didn't find any peace. I would decide to go and then the next day I would question the decision. So in the end I had to listen to my gut telling me that there is something else waiting for me out there. Now, just like last year, I have to find it.
Now to Carole. She came home on Monday afternoon and each day she gets stronger, able to do more things by herself. Obviously she is still in need of prayers if you want to offer one up for her. Another student, Anne-Marie, is a physical therapist and she said once the cast comes off in 2 months, it will still be awhile before Carole can walk normally. It will be a really long process and one that isn't always easy.
The whole situation has taught me a lot about suffering, compassion, not being in control of our lives, how life can change in an instant, etc. It's been really interesting and gives me a lot to reflect on. This week we have 3 days worth of classes on compassion and our teacher said that compassion is the sharing of passion in its two forms: great love and great suffering. The injury has been an opportunity to share in both, especially last week. Yeah, I don't understandy why it happened, but God is still good.
Well, I'd better be going. Time to enjoy a little break before class.


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