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Tuesday, April 11

Easter Preparation

(John Paul II's anniversary of death Mass. Carole and I were sitting so close because of the wheelchair. ----->)
It is good to be in the heart of the Church before and during Easter. I haven't experienced the "during Easter" phase yet, but the before is very cool. Two days ago was Palm Sunday and I doubt I'll ever experience the way we did this year. My community, along with 80 other people, got to carry palms in a procession before the Pope during the Mass. We walked into the Square and the crowd was pressed against the barriers and taking pictures of us lucky young people who somehow managed to be involved in this special Mass. We walked 4 across and ended up circling the obelisk and then the Pope walked to a platform at the base of the obelisk and a short Bible passage was read. After that the palm line processed to the front of St. Peter's, up the steps to arrive at the top of the outdoor stage, and then to the seats on the left. I would guess we were 2 lightposts away from the altar.

I want to write more, but it is time to leave for the Triduum retreat. I had more written earlier to explain it, but the computer shut down. The gist is 5 days in Rome, students from the ESM plus Emmanuel seminarians plus outside visitors who have come for the retreat, many triduum liturgies that are supposed to be amazing, the school leading the Stations of the Cross on St. Peter's Square on Good Friday morning (with me announcing each station and reading the Bible passages), Mass with the Pope twice.

The retreat ends on Monday, then I head to Venice and Florence for a week's vacation, and then when we come back it is time for a week long silent retreat. I won't be back in my room for 3 weeks. Sorry to be short, but it's time to go. Keep all these events in your prayers, if you please. HAPPY EASTER! Congrats to Jason and Lauren who got married last weekend. Happy birthday to my brother, which is Easter Sunday.


  • At 1:28 AM, Blogger The Michael said…

    Hello My Friend:
    Happy Easter! You are in my prayers. Take care girl.

  • At 3:49 AM, Anonymous Lauren Freeman (!) said…

    Thank you! :D We got your card! Here's a link for some pictures:


    We miss you and wish you could have been there.


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