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Monday, June 19

Short Update

Life is crazy right now. It always is this year, but with 11 days left in the school year, every moment is packed more than usual. Just some shorts points about life. Pentacost was busy with missions at St. Maria Maggiore (a major basilica in Rome) and St. Maria in Via and for the gathering of all the new communities on the vigil of Pentacost with the Pope, we were sitting on the stage close to the Pope once again. Being in the school with its connections is amazing. Since then there was the household weekend, which I think I wrote about. I succeeded in driving through Rome and did pretty well if you ask me. Yesterday we had our farewell party with all our teachers throughout the year and friends that we have made. It was in a small garden downstairs with music, lots of food, skits, and good people.
I've got to go, but please pray for the soul of my grandma, Phyllis. She died on Friday after having a stroke 8 days before that. The family is doing fine and so am I. I'm coming home as planned, after a vacation that as of yet is still not planned. I have to get on that.


  • At 10:25 PM, Blogger The Michael said…

    Hello Heather:

    Look forward to seeing you again. In Thoughts and prayers.


  • At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Brandon said…

    Hey Heather,

    I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get in touch with you. I sent you a letter a couple weeks ago but I think you'll be done with school by the time it gets there. Just thought I'd leave you a quick "hello." Hope all is going well and that the rest of your summer is rewarding.



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