Heather in Rome

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. - St. Augustine

Monday, June 19

Short Update

Life is crazy right now. It always is this year, but with 11 days left in the school year, every moment is packed more than usual. Just some shorts points about life. Pentacost was busy with missions at St. Maria Maggiore (a major basilica in Rome) and St. Maria in Via and for the gathering of all the new communities on the vigil of Pentacost with the Pope, we were sitting on the stage close to the Pope once again. Being in the school with its connections is amazing. Since then there was the household weekend, which I think I wrote about. I succeeded in driving through Rome and did pretty well if you ask me. Yesterday we had our farewell party with all our teachers throughout the year and friends that we have made. It was in a small garden downstairs with music, lots of food, skits, and good people.
I've got to go, but please pray for the soul of my grandma, Phyllis. She died on Friday after having a stroke 8 days before that. The family is doing fine and so am I. I'm coming home as planned, after a vacation that as of yet is still not planned. I have to get on that.

Friday, June 9

Household Weekend Away

This weekend is a household weekend away. The school separates into the four household groups and we attack various parts of Italy. My group of girls is going to San Giovanni Rotondo, the city where St. Padre Pio is from. It is on the east coast of Italy, more south of Rome. It's not easily accessible by train or bus, so guess what? We're driving and at least in the crazy cities it is going to be me who drives. Teresa and Siska drive on the left side of the road so in the cities they are out. Carole is the only one who has driven in the past 8 months, but her ankle is still recovering and is not ready for the gas pedal. Anna has her license but isn't comfortable driving so that leaves me. Yikes!!! Italian drivers are crazy. I haven't driven in 8 months. It's a manuel, which I can drive, but if I get stuck on a big hill it could be a little scary. And lastly, Rome streets are chaos. So keep me in mind when you are driving this weekend and maybe offer up a little prayer. I have to pull out my CA freeway driving skills.

Wednesday, June 7

After More than 8 Months of Pasta

Well, there are only 23 days left in the school, then I have 19 days of travel around Europe, which means that I will be back in Cali in 42 days. I thought I should prepare people for at least the physical changes so people aren't shocked when I come home. I haven't posted pictures for awhile so I don't know if you have seen my new hair cut. I've had it since last month, courtesy of Marco our lovely student barber, and everyone thinks it looks really nice. Feminine, good style for my personality, etc. It's shorter, with framing around my face. Difficult to explain, but maybe I'll have pictures soon.
On the bad side, I've probably gained 6-8 pounds and lost some muscle at the same time. It's terrible. When you lose muscle, you're supposed to lose weight too. Not when I'm eating 2 courses a meal, with pasta counting as one of them, and not exercising as much as I used to. My cardiovascular fitness has dropped too. Augghh. I need a gym when I get home and a physical hockey game. How I miss hockey sometimes when I'm here. I didn't miss it a lot last year, I guess because I was doing other athletic activities, but now I do.