Heather in Rome

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. - St. Augustine

Tuesday, July 11

Euro Trip

If anyone is still reading the blog, here is the latest update. I'm in Paris and will be here until the 15th. After that I head to Milan and hang out with Matteo for a day, then it's off to walk between the 5 coastal villages of the Cinque Terre before leaving for Cali on July 19th. I've been to Salzburg, Austria; Altotting, Munich, and near Eisenach, Germany; and now France.

I'll have to write more later, but I wanted to throw out a proposal to anyone who is interested. For however long I am at home, I would like to start a prayer group similiar to what I did in the school. It would start with praise Emmanuel style and then have some time for prayer and then maybe it would end with sharing on how God has worked in our lives during the week. It's really simple yet it helps us see how God is working in our lives. So, everyone is welcome to think about it and let me know. Part of the process will be seeing where the Spirit leads as I adapt all I've learned into a form that fits with normal Cali life.

Got to go. The Eiffel Tower awaits me tomorrow.